Network Management Policy

Executive Summary

This policy governs the management of network traffic that transits the ARE-ON network.

Purpose of the Policy

The purpose of this policy is to regulate the management of network traffic that transits the ARE-ON network, specifically detailing management policy and practice regarding bandwidth use and access to content by its member institutions.

Policy Statement


ARE-ON’s Internet service is based on best-effort delivery.  ARE-ON does not use any mechanisms to allocate bandwidth preferentially to any specific class of users, applications, providers, or sources.  Users, peers, and providers are limited only by the physical or contractual bandwidth limitations of their connection to the network.  Except for enforcing contracted bandwidth limits, ARE-ON does not limit bandwidth usage by its users, peers, or providers via mechanisms such as rate limiting or policing.


ARE-ON does not restrict users’ access to specific content, block the use of specific applications, or limit the type of devices that can be used to access the network.  However, ARE-ON will block any traffic destined for its infrastructure by unauthorized sources and will take the appropriate action to either block or limit traffic that transits its network if, by ARE-ON’s determination, that traffic is harmful to the recipient.  ARE-ON will cooperate with law enforcement if notified of harmful or illegal traffic transiting its network.