Listserv Mailing Lists

ARE-ON provides several listserv mailing lists that it uses for email notifications of events and news about the network and its organization.  Some are available for open subscription by anyone, while others are closed and available by request only.

Open Subscription


Purpose:  ARE-ON publishes information on this listserv about newsworthy events of interest to the ARE-ON community.  This listserv is open to anyone.


Purpose:  Available to the networking personnel that provide technical support for ARE-ON members' connections to the ARE-ON network.  ARE-ON uses this listserv to publish information on meetings, calls, or other communications relevant to the technical support of its members.  This listserv is open to anyone.


Purpose:  Available to the IT security and networking personnel at ARE-ON member institutions.  ARE-ON uses this listserv to publish information on meetings and calls relevant to IT security for its member institutions.  This listserv is open to anyone.  Due to the openness of this forum, subscribers are cautioned about posting information of a sensitive nature.


Purpose:  Available for open dialogue or announcements among subscribers about ARE-ON and its member institutions, applications, network or application performance, or any other ARE-ON related topic.  This listserv is open to anyone.

Subscribing to a Listserv

The ARE-ON listservs are hosted by the University of Arkansas.  To subscribe to an open listserv, please send an email to containing the following one-line command.  The listserver will send a subscription confirmation message to which you must reply in order to complete the subscription.

subscribe listservname