Network Affiliations

ARE-ON is technically and organizationally affiliated with research and education networks at the national, regional, and state levels through memberships and memoranda of agreement, enabling the exchange of network traffic between ARE-ON members through network peering.

R&E Network Peers


ARE-ON is an R&E network member of Internet2, the leading research and education networking consortium in the United States. Internet2 provides U.S. colleges and universities with access to large scale education and research resources, as well as numerous international research and education networks, through its national backbone network. ARE-ON's connection to Internet2 is a 100Gb Ethernet link through OneNet to the Internet2 node in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  ARE-ON is also a participant in the Internet2 Community Anchor Program (formerly UCAN and SEGP), an Internet2 program working with regional research and education networks across the country to connect community anchor institutions—including K-20 schools, libraries, health care facilities and other public institutions—to advanced broadband capabilities.  Additionally, ARE-ON leverages Internet2's Commercial Peering Services (CPS), which acts as a transit provider for high-speed connectivity to a large number of national and global commercial providers.

Great Plains Network

ARE-ON is a member of the Great Plains Network and connects to its members through a 100Gb Ethernet link in Tulsa, Oklahoma. GPN is a regional network having members and connectors composed of universities and state networks in the midwestern states.  GPN provides infrastructure and programs that support research and education through the use of advanced networking technology. GPN maintains two 100Gb connections to the Internet2 network (one in Kansas City, MO, and one in Tulsa, OK), as well as a 100Gb connection to the federal Energy and Sciences Network (ESnet).


ARE-ON has had a long-standing cooperative relationship with OneNet for jointly sharing resources.  ARE-ON maintains a 100Gb Ethernet connection to OneNet in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for peering and data exchange between members. OneNet is the state-based regional network for education and government in Oklahoma.  OneNet maintains the Great Plains Network's Tulsa node through which ARE-ON receives its connectivity to the Internet2 network.


ARE-ON maintains a 10Gb Ethernet connection in Monroe, Lousiana, to the Louisiana Optical Network Infrastructure (LONI) for peering and data exchange between respective members. LONI's state-of-the-art fiber optic network runs throughout the state, connecting Louisiana and Mississippi research universities to one another and to Internet2.

Other Network Peers

Cloud and Content Providers

ARE-ON maintains a presence at the Equinix Internet Exchange in Dallas, Texas, where it connects to a number of major cloud and content providers.  Notable among the providers are Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Netflix.  ARE-ON members are able to leverage these peering connections for lower latency and higher bandwidth than might be possible through a Internet transit provider.  In addition, some of these providers place data caching devices within ARE-ON's network that store oft-used content and make it available to the enduser faster.  

Local Providers

ARE-ON maintains direct peering connections with several Arkansas-based providers that offer Internet services to residential and commercial customers in our region.  Having these connections give users of those providers a more direct path to ARE-ON member institutions.  This enables faculty, staff, students, and others connecting to our institutions a higher level of service and lower latency than if they were connecting through a transit Internet provider.  Among the providers that ARE-ON maintains these types of connections are Ritter Communications and OzarksGo.

Arkansas Department of Information Systems

ARE-ON maintains a peering relationship with the Arkansas State Network managed by DIS.  Currently the peering is through a single 1Gb Ethernet link in Fayetteville.  Traffic between ARE-ON members and DIS customers, including public schools and other governmental entities, typically flows through this link.