ARE-ON Philosophy: No One Has to Lose for Everyone to Win

Posted by Mike Abbiatti, Executive Director on 23 April 2013

The 21st Century institution of higher education must transform itself in order to meet the demands that are on the horizon. Via ARE-ON, researchers and instructional professionals from Arkansas will come together to empower and enable the community to counteract the dwindling resource base, and thereby develop a research and teaching/learning model based upon leveraging “shareable resources.”  This “collaboratory,” anchored by high performance infrastructure provided by ARE-ON, will link core components requiring collaboration, not competition, and simplicity, not complexity. Shareable resources leveraged through decisions based upon shared data will not only provide amazing teaching, learning, and research opportunities, but also a pathway forward for personal and economic success for the citizens of the Natural State. A core belief of ARE-ON members is that no one has to lose for everyone to win.

For educators, a simple question illustrates the great potential of these   resources: What would you do in your classroom if you had access to unlimited, affordable bandwidth and computing power? Today, that bandwidth and processing power–originally designed for research purposes–can be tapped for classroom applications that could help us educate and train the next generation of the U.S workforce. Unfortunately, in many states high-speed infrastructure, while it exists, has not been publicized or has been mislabeled as either another utility or as a stealth resource only available to a select number of special researchers. 

In truth, our colleagues in the research community have worked very hard to become stewards of a large and growing inventory of circuits and processors that will shape the future of our society. The teaching and learning community has an exceptional opportunity to use this unique infrastructure for the collective benefit of students in all content areas. The key to success is creating an active dialog between the research and instructional communities, focused upon scaling the infrastructure across the curriculum via creative and innovative applications. Truly, the key to success is collaboration.

ARE-ON resources will empower and enable Arkansans to enjoy better healthcare through the UAMS Telemedicine Program; improve education through providing access to digital resources otherwise unavailable, provide researchers with a global toolkit that will bring their vision forward to reality, and provide resources that can and will allow higher education institutions to better prepare for both man-made and natural disasters. 

ARE-ON remains on target, on task, and leaning forward to success for the citizens of Arkansas.